Kicking off the year with Car Show at Detroit

We push off into 2017 with the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. The show started on 8 January and will continue to run until 22 January, attracting large crowds to come view the latest in America’s favourite car designs.

It started as a raging success with 109,643 people flocking to the car show when it opened to the public on 14 January, according to NAIAS’s official count. This was an increase of 20 000 participants from the previous year in 2016.

Although it is an automotive show, it had few concept car highlights making it to the display. This included the Nissan Vmotion 2.0, Volkswagen’s electric ID buzz and a lego Batmobile, to name some of the crowd pleasers.

Image of the Nissan VMotion 2.0 by Jonathan Gitlin.

The Nissan VMotion 2.0 in the car display at the Detroit Automotive Show. Credit: Jonathan Gitlin.

A total of 750 vehicles were on show to the public, including  luxury vehicles, such as the Alpha Romeo, BMW, Mercedes and Cadillac.

All Americans want are SUV’s

It also sported cars for the everyman, playing to the American all-time favorites. SUV’s, trucks and bulky cars were all on show. Some of the other models included an even more sporty Toyota Camry, the Chevrolet Traverse for families, the sporty Kia Stinger sedan and the Volkswagen Touareg crossover.

However, there did seem to be disappointment with the uninventive appearance of the car show.

“They’re nothing to write home about, in terms of aesthetics,” John Heitman, who studies American car history at the University of Dayton.

Still, the hulky shape of the SUV seems to strike gold with the American consumer. It contributed to 63% of all car sales that took place in the United Stated in 2016, says Times of India.

Although the SUV is still the all time favourite, attention is slowly being turned to the electric car as pressure increases to reduce carbon emissions. The Chevrolet Bolt EV is the winner the North American Car of the Year, which is an affordable, long-distance electric vehicle. It now sets a new standard for electric cars which are being manufactured in a range of shapes and sizes.

So take a drive to the Detroit Automotive Show if grand SUV’s and luxury sedans is your style.